Saturday, June 4, 2011

I've Been

  • Finishing School! I am now Mom to a fourth and second graders. WOW! Where does time go?
  • Enjoying the spring weather. 
  • Planting my vegetable garden. The kids were such big helps this year. Hope loves to come help pull weeds. Unfortunately, she has yet to learn to watch for little plants. The beets haven't seemed to  mind.
  • Reworking my flower gardens.
  • Spraying my kids with the hose.

  • Spending time at my parents.

  • Taking care of my hubby while he recuperates from surgery. 
  • Finding out my oldest can get stung on the lip and not feel it.

  • Finishing my final year on the Kid Stuff Sale committee. I think our budget is going to be happy I will only be shopping one night instead of two days next year. :)
  • Planning our next family outing with our new small group from church. It will be our first trip to an amusement park since Becca was two.
  • Putting four pony tails in because my third wants to look like a moose.

  • Trying to finish Breeley's baby afghan. Shhh....she doesn't know it's a year late.
  • Wondering how on earth my baby is turning a year.
  • Wondering why on earth my children like to walk before they turn a year. 
  • Learning that my baby has the odd ability to squat flat footed. (Thanks, Mom, for that random inherited talent). Who knew you could do that? 
  • Praying for a bloggy friend and her baby as they walk a rough road.
  • Trying to keep my house clean. I'm about ready to give up. I had forgotten what it's like to have a toddler and a preschooler on the prowl all day.
Why yes, that is a ginormous bag of flour I left on the floor.
  • Trying not to laugh when my oldest tells me he no longer needs toys. He's ready for BB guns and tomahawks.
  • Enjoying watching my middle girls develop a sweet friendship.
  • Breaking up fights.
  • Testing the limits of how long I can go without going to the grocery store. The thought of going and taking the kids with me is overwhelming right now. We made it three days with no bread. 
  • Wondering if it's sad or resourceful that I'd rather make bread than go to the grocery with four kids in tow.
  • Thinking I'll probably have to break down and go to the store for real next week. We made a quick stop. Some things in life you just have to have. Toilet paper is one of them.  
  • Learning to have more patience.
  • Enjoying the crazy, exciting, sleepless, busy, sweet season of life.
Grrr. Blogger won't let me put the pictures in center. Any advice?


    Brandi said...

    Looks like y'all are having fun. Except for hub's surgery... hope he's doing good.

    Girl, I would be a bread-making-fool rather than go to the store with four kids! lol!

    Laura said...

    You, my friend, have been busy!! I just love the picture of you spraying the kids! And Hope pulling "weeds" is too cute. :)

    I hope Doug is doing better and that you got to the store for some bread. :) (The making so you don't have to go made me laugh out loud...I totally get it!)

    BB guns?? Oh man...

    Thank you SO much for the prayers, you have no idea how much it means to me!

    I hope you're out enjoying the weather. It is in the 90s here today, my kids are loving all the water time! :)


    Rachel said...

    Love all your photos! How funny is the flour shot? :)

    I had formatting issues with Blogger too. I use Windows LiveWriter now, it's free and links up to Blogger, but gives you a lot more options for pictures and fonts, etc.

    He & Me + 3 said...

    And you think I am busy....good grief you are busy. I love the picture of Tyler getting sprayed with the hose. Great shot. OUch on the stung lip. seriously? he didn't feel it. Wow.
    Yeah for school being over. 4th & 2nd graders? That is awesome. I will have a 6th, 5th & 1st grader. Ugh...where does the time go?
    Have a wonderful summer & take care of that garden...I am bummed I didn't do one this year.

    Grammy said...

    Being able to squat flat-footed sure comes in handy when you're weeding the flower gardens! Yea for Breeley - she'll thank me one day. (Love the pictures, too!)