Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If I Had A Dollar For Every M&M...

If hearing M&M's makes you think about potty training, you know you're a mom. I'm a little "late" - if you believe in that - about getting ready to potty train Hope. She's smart. She's extremely verbal. She's entirely capable.

And she's my most strong willed child yet. And that's saying a lot.

I wish I could blame my husband's side, but they get it honestly from both sides of the family. I think God knew if either Doug or I married people who were not equally strong willed, the other person would have been in trouble.

SO, Hope. Potty training. M&Ms. And wisdom teeth.

I started working with Hope one day last week. I'm tired of paying for diapers for two. She finally said she was ready to be a big girl! I thought I would have her down in just a day or two. She's already staying dry most nights for pete's sake.

Day two I called a friend, who has two children - one recently becoming a "big boy." After she laughed at me for calling her when I have four and she has two, she gave me her suggestions.

And by the time day three was over Hope was winning. Big time.

So, I turned back to the M&M's for every "accomplishment" and we are slowly getting somewhere. However, there is a funny twist to this for me.

Just before Breeley was born I told Doug I wanted him to have to potty train a child. Just one. I'd do three. He laughed and commented on how nice it was to work sometimes. I believe I punched him. (Jokingly of course!)

And now we come to this. I have to have my wisdom teeth out. And Hope is not yet potty trained. So, Doug will be taking over the watch for the potty dance for the next several days. Unfortunately I'm hoping to be too out of it to be able to watch and see what I can learn from him. :)

Hopefully when I wake from my drugged state sometime next week I'll have a completely potty trained child. If not, the laundry will be calling!


Tiffany said...

Oh man - maybe that's what I need to do! Go get my wisdom teeth pulled (like you - haven't yet) so that the hubs has to take over on the potty training! Brilliant!

Lindsey said...

I feel your pain (on many levels)!:) If Doug has success, I'll be sending Scott right over.

Keeslermom said...

I potty trained the first 3, and it took weeks, one of them months. Hub's potty trained #4 in a weekend! I told him he's in charge of that department from now on.

He & Me + 3 said...

I wish I had some helpful hints...but mine all potty trained in one day with a no training at all they just did it. It was so crazy. I was blessed for sure. But on the flip side, I waited until they were ready and all the signs were there. the girls were 2.2 & 2.5 years and the boy was almost 3.

Jules said...

Oh my, the potty training issue. Everyone does it different and every child responds different. Good luck and I sure hope hubby keeps it up while you are down with your teeth.

Laura said...

Oh my goodness, how are you feeling?? Are you up from your drugged state yet? I hope things went well and you are getting lots of rest.

Okay so the potty training thing, UGH I feel your pain. Alexa was the easiest child ever, pretty much potty trained herself before she was 2. Braden wants nothing to do with it! He literally comes and grabs my hand and says that he needs his diaper changed then walks into his room, climbs up on his changing table and I change him. Doesn't that just scream IT'S TIME LITTLE MAN!! If you find the secret you need to share it. :)

Brandi said...

Okay, so the ONLY thing that would make going to the dentist appealing AT ALL would be coming home and having the hubby finish up potty training. LOL! ;) Hope everything went well with the wisdom teeth AND the potty training!