Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I had a slight hesitation before I published the last post. Whenever I tell somebody (or several somebodies) that I'm being worked on, somehow that area gets picked on. Faith for example. You know, since it's recent and all.

Well, there was major spiritual warfare going on here in my neck of the woods. All because I decided (at 30) I should probably have my wisdom teeth checked to "get the process started."

It's okay, you can laugh.

Apparently it's not so much I should start the process as it is I should have had it done about 12 years ago.I used to want to be a dental hygienists. I loved going to the dentist growing up. I've had almost entirely super positive experiences with dentists.

And then I met a certain, unnamed oral surgeon. I think he felt his calling was to scare me to death. Send all faith the God could help me through this surgery right out of my mind. Phrases like, "I wouldn't want to do this to my sister." "You are in a high risk category for permanent nerve damage." I left that office with more fear than I've experienced in the longest time. Let me tell you, a week of praying and singing praises in my head all night is a good way to grow faith. Sleep just was not happening for me.

I went today to get a second opinion from another surgeon in the area and he told me it was a "pretty straight forward case" and that "he felt very confident" and best of all he will do them all at one time!

All this to say, your prayers would be greatly appreciated. I'm so looking forward to being on the other side of this! I'm hoping to get some pictures downloaded while I recuperate so I can get some get some new pictures of my just turned 7 month old. I can't believe she's this big.

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