Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tired and Sick and Random

Need I say more?

Sorry I'm way behind on blog hopping, friends. I try to read when I can, but don't always have time to comment. Maybe you've guessed it (or you know me), I'm a perfectionist. It bugs me to not use capitols or punctuate properly. Not that my posts lack typos, just that I hate them. And feeding a baby and typing don't exactly go hand in hand. That and "nak" is not universally understood, I've found.

So, as I said we've been sick. The colds are taking out family members one at a time. I started it so I am trying to not me grumpy with the kids. Although if I had a dollar for every time I've said "Blow your nose! I don't want to pay for another ear infection." I'd probably have enough money to pay the doctor's bill.

Speaking of doctors bills, have you heard of Samaritan Ministries? This wonderful group is our family's health care choice. The ministry revolves around the Biblical principals for bearing the burdens you are able to carry and helping others carry the burdens they cannot. For example, going to the doctor for an ear infection while pricey is not beyond our means. Having a baby is a different level of pricey! :) When major medical needs (bills) are present, this community of believers shares the need. It is such a blessing to receive the notes of encouragement and know that our family is being prayed for.

To our favorite family members in the south (You know who you are!), Doug and I miss you! We can't wait to head to FL again and swing by. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the timing will work out.

Does anyone know how to get rid of the floating deleted picture button on my blog? I have no idea what it is even from. HELP!!!! please. and thank you. (so much for caps, right?)

This school year is flying by. We took our annual trip to the apple orchard and the Feast of the Hunter's Moon - a French and Indian trading post reenactment. Fun days! I'll try to post pictures soon. Here is an orchard picture I couldn't resist throwing in!
Ty is flying through his math and Becca is developing so quickly with her creative writing. Does anyone have ideas to keep a preschooler busy. Hope loves to do "school" but wants it to be "big kid" stuff. She doesn't want to do "baby" learning like colors and shapes. She loves to draw circles right now. I don't remember the others doing that. And this is Breeley's most recent accomplishment. (Well this and rolling, but she's my fourth and I don't have pictures of that yet.)

Our family is taking part in our church's Christmas production. It's fun. And overwhelming. Watching the kids practice and seeing them grow is so worth whatever sleep I lose. I'm hoping Breeley and Hope make it through all four performances without a melt down. We'll see. :)

And last, but most importantly, would you pray for my sister Megan's family? Her husband Jim has cancer that is continuing to grow. They are fighting illness on several fronts and I know would greatly appreciate your prayers for God's grace to cover them. Thanks!

(My sis and niece visiting Bree in the hospital.)


Amanda said...

yes, yes yes will def. be praying! Oh wow. The pics you posted are just precious, showing such true joy!

You be blessed!

Brandi said...

Oh goodness, I hope the sick germs find their way out of your house soon!

Lil' Bub is EXACTLY the same way. He is driving me bonkers with not wanting to do 'baby' stuff. I'm like, well, you HAVE to learn your ABC'S!

We did find a workbook that was very bland, boring, and didn't have any cutesie-pootsie pictures. That seemed to help out with the 'baby school' issue. I also include him in as much of Bubba's work as possible so he feels like he's doing big kid stuff. Scary thing is that he memorized the list of prepositions right alongside Bubba. This may turn out to be a good thing. ;)

So, what part of FL if you don't mind me being completely nosy?

The picture is too sweet! Hope's hair is getting so long! Such beautiful kiddos... and Breeley found her thumbkin! HAHA!

Ok, and the floating picture thing? HAHA! I barely notice it anymore. ;) I had something like that too, except it wasn't floating. You should be able to get rid of it by deleting the HTML code for whatever it used to be.

Tiffany said...

Oh, I will definitely be praying for your sis!

And the photo of Miss Breeley sucking her thumb? Priceless! Our Violet is a thumb-sucker, and, sadly, I love it.

He & Me + 3 said...

I will pray for your sister & for your family to all feel 100% again. I have never heard of that insurance before. Sounds very neat.
Love the pictures of the kids. Beautiful and that precious baby sucking her thumb...priceless. Love it.

Jules said...

I sure hope everyone starts feeling better soon. That makes for one tired momma....

Laura said...

I will definitely be praying for all of you and your sister's family! I hope you are starting to feel batter over there. I LOVE the thumb sucking picture, my kids never really did that even though I would try and put their thumbs in their mouths for them, I just think it's so cute. :) Glad to hear school is going well and the picture of all the kids is adorable! {hugs}

David & Jenna said...

Bree is getting so big! She's such a cutie with all that hair! :)
I will be praying for Megan and her husband!