Monday, October 11, 2010



You're eight and one half today. I didn't get a birthday letter done for you this year, so your half birthday will be the day.

You are growing fast, kiddo. I didn't realize how fast until I went to get your fall clothes out. Your jeans that fit last year, no longer do. Your shirt sleeves are short, your shoes squish your toes.

You're learning fast. You excel at math. Counting came quickly and easily - math seems to also. Just the other day you asked to take your flashcards to play with during quiet time. I cannot believe how well you are reading this year. You have known it was a struggle for you, but you never gave up. I think this has been your first big struggle in life. Before this so many things came easily to you.

I remember being shocked when you walked at 9 months. Thank goodness you didn't start climbing until you were closer to two. Unfortunately that's also when we had our house roofed. I don't think I'll ever forget the feeling of finding you most the way on up the ladder that day. :) You talked early too. Just like your dad. Grandma used to say he was born talking.

You are incredible in your role as big brother. So good, sometimes I think you forget that Daddy and I can do the parenting part on our own. You and Becca are pals and cohorts in many of your endeavors. You love on your little sisters too. Hope is big enough now to pester you and you are learning patience with her. Breeley is at the perfect age for you. She lights up every time you walk into her line of vision. And she's not big enough to get into your toys.

You love to read your Bible. Like most boys, you love the stories of the wars of Israel. But there are stories that you fall in love with that I would never expect. Like the story of Esther. As I read and reread that with you I wonder what it is you are thinking about.

I am so, so proud to be your mom and have a part in the work God has prepared for you. Be strong and of good courage, sweet boy. You will need it in this world. I pray you will continue to shine like the stars pointing to the Creator-Savior-God you love so much. I love you, Ty.


Marley's Mama said...

Beautiful. *sniff*

Laura said...

Awww that made me tear more mushy posts while I am pregnant! :)

Every time you write about him you can tell how proud you are and what an amazing little man he is!

He & Me + 3 said...

What a sweet letter to your handsome boy. I didn't realize that him and Model were both 8. How cool. Love his story model loves to read and write too.