Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Did You Just Say?

There have been some funny comments flying around our house lately. I cannot for the life of me remember all of them, but here's a few that we're still grinning about. :)

"Wow, she's that old and still picking strawberries!?!" (Tyler upon learning our newly found strawberry picking acquaintance was in her 70s.)

"Daddy's cwyin', and cwying and the baby elephants are twying to get him. In Jesus name, amen." (Hope, praying for Daddy's bad day.)

"What grade am I going to be in?" (Becca on learning swim lessons were in her future.)

"It sure doesn't take much to content Hope!" (Tyler when he shared a tiny piece of his bubble tape with her.)

"I only drownded a little bit." (Becca on being underwater.)

"The lobster isn't going to get me?" (Hope being put back to bed after a bad dream.)

Laughter is the BEST medicine! I hope plenty is filling your life.


Brandi said...

Awww, so cute!! Kids just say the funniest things. :)

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

It was nice meeting you tonight at swim lessons. Now that I know you have a blog too I will be reading it! Congratulations on your new soon-to-be here baby.

He & Me + 3 said...

OMWord...too cute. I love the first one about the old lady. LOL At least she truly was older and not in her 30's. :) I feel 70 some days. OK most.
Hope you are all doing well and laughing lots:)

Jenny said...

Cute! I always wish that I would remember to write things like that down when they are said.

Jules said...

These are so cute, and it's so neat that you remembered so many of them.

Laura said...

These are SO cute!! Hope's prayer had me laughing out loud, what a sweetie! Also the just drowning a little bit, kids are so funny. Glad you are getting lots of laughs over there...maybe it will cause some contractions!?! :)

Amanda said...

Your kids are too funny!! I love those... and love that you have such a joyful and quick to laugh home!~