Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer is HERE!

It's finally here! Memorial day weekend was HOT. Thank goodness we were at Mom and Dad's with their pool. The kids were in it at least 4 hours each day.

Tyler was so ready to try out his new snorkle gear. Unfortunately we left a rather important piece at home. Never one to miss out, he kept the mask on. Until he realized it was very difficult to breath. :)
(Hope wanted to take a picture too!)

(my mom)

I even braved the swimsuit one last time. :)

Marley had had enough!

Becca has gained a lot of confidence in the pool this spring. Being able to touch the bottom will do that for a girl! :) On her first trip in, she was able to swim across the pool and back. I'm so proud of her!

When the adults wouldn't let the kids in the pool (you know at 7 a.m.) they played in the sand box, watched movies, and the big boys (I have a nephew Ty's age) played with Lego's. Ty and Becca enjoyed getting pictures of Hope and Marley playing together. When my youngest nephew comes over it's a whole 'nother set of fun. Putting three two year olds in a room and watching them try to learn social graces is nothing short of hilarious.

This whole week has been hot and humid. I don't mind the's the icky sticky sweaty feeling that comes with the humidity. The kids and I headed to the splash pad on Friday to cool off. It was such a fun time. Hope was big enough to get in with Ty and Becca this year. I almost missed the getting in the water. But then again, if I had I would have had to put on my picnic tablecloth bathing suit. :)

Notice Becca's short hair? I came home from an appointment on Thursday and saw some hair in the bathroom. Then I saw her. She had taken her gum out of her mouth and it got in her hair. So, rather than risk having to throw her gum away (the forewarned consequence of playing with gum) she decided to "fix" the problem herself. I'm so sad to have her long hair and pony tails gone. Hopefully a lesson was learned.


He & Me + 3 said...

I like the short hair...but i am a fan of short hair. Cute cut. I love all the water play. My kids would love to have a pool in the family :) Your bathing suit is cute. You look great.

Jules said...

All that pool fun looks so inviting. We don't have a pool but we don't get very much "hot" weather around here. Love the fun summer pics.

Brandi said...

Oh no! I am always worried Lil' Bub is going to get his gum in his hair. He LOVES gum, but he also plays with it too much (he pulls it out of his mouth and stretches it and puts it back in). It's a miracle he hasn't gotten it stuck yet. Tell Becca next time try the peanut butter before she heads for the scissors! ;)

Marley's Mama said...

That was a great (but crazy hot) weekend, wasn't it??? Makes me miss all of you even more! See you in a few days!

Laura said...

There is nothing better than playing in the water when it's so hot and sticky! I love the short hair, it's cute! And you totally rocked the table cloth swimsuit. :)