Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We're home, She's HOME!

Doug and I had a little get away to beautiful Colorado. We were blessed with a chance to go see a bit of the western state, mostly free. Good old fashioned bartering paid off. My husband worked for a day, we played for three. We saw lot of these...

We also off trail hiked in a few places and saw some amazing rocks, beautiful plants and fun wildlife (mostly birds). My only complaint with hiking is the lack of oxygen. I guess some people in our nation haven't learned that oxygen is one of our guaranteed rights. Or should be. :)

We also got to meet up with Doug's cousin, her husband and adorable son. It was so nice to see them after several years. Of course it made me miss the kids like crazy, but pushing a toy truck across the table was good mommy medicine.

The night before we were coming home we got a phone call that Doug's mom had gone Home. It was incredibly hard to hear the news while we were away. Knowing we couldn't tell the kids, be with my father-in-law, or do anything I just kind of fell apart. But God is good. His timing is perfect. As I sat weeping in a strange bed I turned to the Psalms to find comfort. I honestly can't even remember the number of the Psalm I read but the repeating theme was of God's faithfulness.

We have prayed hard for His perfect timing in these last months. Although she has suffered little physical pain, it has been difficult to watch the disease wage war on her earthly body.

Over the past few years there is an old Chris Rice song that has been a comfort to me. The final verse of this song about praising God talks about our final breath not being the end. "I'll be running to your throne, with every nation, tribe and tongue. To Your arms I'll fly. I'll gaze into your eyes. Then I'll know as I am known. And Your praise goes on."

We are mourning our loss and rejoicing in her gain. Knowing she is running, RUNNING to His throne is a mental picture that takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes.

We may be home. But Mom. Mom's really Home.


He & Me + 3 said...

What a beautiful post. So sorry for you loss, but she is HOME & she is blessed in the presence of her Lord & Savior.

Marley's Mama said...

I love you, Beth.

April said...

what an amazing post! We just lost my great grandmother. She was almost 95 years old. So this one really hit home. Thanks for your encouraging words as well. Praying for your sweet family as well, also rejoicing as both of our loved ones are in the presence of their Lord.

God Bless,

Meghan said...

Beautiful post. I am so glad you had a nice getaway. Your post made me think of the Mercy Me song, "Home".

Laura said...

So sorry for your loss! I will be thinking about and praying lots for you and your family this week.

The picture of you and Doug is great, glad you guys got away for a little bit! :)


Amanda said...

I love that your vision is of her running... I imagine that was something she longed to do...

I am so glad you found comfort i the Savior Bethany... this is just the hardest thing in the world...well, this world. Good thing HE knows how to comfort our broken hearts.

Many blessings-