Monday, May 9, 2011

Ten Days to To Ten Years

In ten days Doug and I will celebrate our ten year anniversary. It's amazing to me that that many years have passed. (I certainly haven't aged ten years!)

Here are my ten favorite things about my husband.

1. He loves to laugh.
     I love the way our home fills with joy when he comes through the door. It doesn't matter what time he goes in to work (some days as early as 1 or 2 am), how cruddy his day was, he makes the kids and I feel as though nothing is better than coming home. The silly jokes, the games, the tickle wars and wrestling matches continue until the kids are tucked in. He manages to put a fun spin on everything. I am so blessed to have not only someone who shares the work load of raising a family but adds joy to it as well. Breeley loves laughing with her Daddy, too.

2.  His loyalty. 
     Doug is one of the most loyal people I know. He is a faithful husband. As a father, he is beyond trustworthy. He never makes a promise unless he is willing to keep it. He is an amazing friend and dedicated employee. 

3. He is so creative.
    He designs tools, kitchens and mosaic tile entryways. He is teaching himself to be a knife maker.  One of my favorite things is this gorgeous picture frame he designed and made. 

4. He is organized.
     Some days it drives me and my "fly by the seat of my pants" self nuts. But I admire it! He keeps our family's finances on track. Writes down lists to go to the store for me. At work his job is multi-faceted, and in every area, they know they can depend on him. 

5. He gives amazing backrubs!
     Granted, that's pretty selfish....but oh, so very true. : )

6. He pursues his interests and encourages me to pursue mine.
     I love how he never says never to something that interests him. It sets such a great example for the kids to watch him continue to learn and grow. It took me several years to learn that unless something creative is happening in his life, he is not content. 

7. He is a servant.
      Doug has a servant's heart. Wherever we go, Doug is willing to serve. The other day it was noticing a man in the L@we's parking lot trying to load some large pieces of cement board. Before I was even out of the car he was across the parking lot. Or the time I asked why it took so long to get home from work, he had turned around to help a man push his stalled car. When he sees a need he gives. No questions asked. Nothing wanted in return. He just gives.

8. He is generous with his time, talent and treasure.
      See above.

9. His gorgeous eyes.

10. He is uncompromising.
      I'm not sure if this goes in the win or lose column. : ) When my husband is convinced of something is worth fighting for, he will. When he has a chance to cheat, he won't. (Unless he is playing his grandma in Euchre.) When standing up for someone could cause tension, he does it anyway if he knows it's the right thing.  It's one of the many things that makes him so trustworthy and safe to have as a friend, father and husband.

I love you! I can't wait to celebrate ten years!


Alexis said...


Reminds me so much of my husband...except for the organized part. Definitely not like him at all!! Ha!

I usually read in Google Reader, so I haven't actually seen your blog in a while. LOVE the new header and individual pics of the kiddos. Presh!!

jules said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Sounds like you have one awesome hubby.

Laura said...

Awwww, I liked your husband before but now I *really* like him, what a wonderful man!! That video is absolutely adorable and I LOVE the picture frame, I want one. :)
I hope you have an amazing anniversary and I'm sure you are haven't aged a bit. :)

Grammy said...

Obviously, I have a fantastic son-in-law! Everything Bethany said is so true. I love him!

Marley's Mama said...

He really is a wonderful father, husband, and bro-in-law. I love how he goes out of his way to give Marley extra love and attention now that her daddy is gone. And how he drove all the way to my place after a long day at work to help Danny carry a ridiculously heavy couch! And he didn't even get dinner out of the deal! You are both a precious blessing to me- you have NO IDEA how much I love you!!
Happy 10 years, and here's to many, many more to come!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

So precious to love and honor and cherish your husband that way.

He & Me + 3 said...

What a very sweet post. What a nice extra to have a hubby that gives good back rubs :) Love the video. Happy Anniversary a little early.