Monday, September 20, 2010

Sigh, Sniffle, Sob

Breeley is three months old.

It's just not fair that there isn't a pause button for little babies. I so want to capture this time with her, bottle the new baby scent, keep that skin so silky-squishy soft.

Sigh, Sniffle, Sob...

Breeley has outgrown all her newborn clothes and most of her 0-3 month sleepers. I want to forever remember her being small enough to curl up on my chest. Her head small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. I want to feel her little fingers that are too small to curl all the way around mine.

It would be so easy to want her to stay tiny forever, but there is so many wonderful discoveries with her growing up.

She was only two weeks old when she flashed her first grin. Now they come so quickly.

Just in the last few weeks she recognized me from Daddy. And loves to hang out with Ty, Becca and Hope. She even let Becca rock her to sleep the other night.

She loves her toys now. Her frogs and butterfly toy bar is a favorite: for both Bree and Hope. :)

She and Daddy so much fun at bath time. Daddy has the patience to let her play and play. She even tolerates a few splashes when Daddy is around.

She hates the pool. I think it's the whole wet diaper thing. As soon as I put a dry diaper on her she's fine. Thankfully Grammy and Papaw have a portable swing we kept poolside for her.

And last but not least, she has the most adorable fat roles. I love lots of dimples and chub and she has it! Dimples at on the fingers, elbows, knees. Rolls on the legs, arms and wrists. Pure baby kissing delight. :)

When I get done putting away those newborn sleeper and pulling out the big 3-6 month clothes, I'll go kiss me some baby fat and thank the Lord for my healthy, growing girl.

Somebody pass the Kleenex, please.


Laura said...

Oh my goodness she is SO sweet!! I love the rolls and dimples too, she is just perfect! I wish we lived closer so I could get my baby fill for the next 6 months. :) It really isn't fair how fast they grow up but it's so fun watching them learn new things. I love that Becca rocked her to sleep and I still can't get enough of her hair! YOU are a blessed Mama!!

JanMary said...

She is so adorable, and precious, and beautiful .....I could go on and on!

Keep enjoying these precious early days :)

Jules said...

She is totally adorable. I know the feeling. Not only have my own children grown up on me, but now my grandchildren are growing way too fast. I've learned to totally soak up every second with them.

Brandi said...

Awww, she is just a doll baby! SO cute! I laughed when I saw the pic of Tyler... Bubba wants to hold Amberly SO BAD! Well, I let him hold her all the time, but I mean he wants to 'stand up' and hold her and I haven't let him yet. ;)

David & Jenna said...

Oh my word, Bethany!! I can't believe she is 3 months already! This is the first time I have made it to your blog since she has been born so Congrats! =) She is beautiful! Hope everything is going well with 4 kids and homeschooling! I started my first year with my oldest (5 yrs) a couple weeks ago. It's going pretty good so far. =)

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow she is getting so big and growing so fast. She is just beautiful. Love all the pictures. Baby feet...awwww