Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Fourth Child

Having more than one child changes things. My parents would tell you they only peeled grapes for my oldest brother. I would tell you only Tyler got taken to the doctor for every little cold, got a diaper bag packed so full it rivaled the most prepared nuclear fall out shelter, got taken for drives in the middle of the night. And that's the short list.

With each child various things have fallen by the wayside. Last night after Becca and Hope had bathed, I put Breeley in the tub. I have yet to dig out the baby tub so a few washrags on the bottom of the tub and we were good to go. After I laid her in the water, I realized that Hope had probably peed in the tub I just laid my newborn baby girl in. I didn't clean it.

Bad mommy moment number ____? I don't even know anymore.

As I sat looking at my sweet little baby's face I felt horrible that I hadn't done more than rinse the tub out. Here she laid so new and vulnerable and I was failing to protect her from the germs in the tub. (Can anyone say postpartum hormones at work?)

She was quickly getting tired of the bath so I got to work washing her. Only to look down and see little baby poop floating in the tub.


Brandi said...

Awww... a little pee never hurt anyone. ;) Since BB can sit up now, I stick all three of them in the tub together. BB gets a quick wash and then he's out and then the other two can soak and make a huge mess. I'm sure in those few minutes that BB is in the tub, he totally pees in it.

It cracks me up when I think of the stuff I did for Bubba compared to now with BB. Poor kid is lucky if he gets his paci washed off after it hits the ground. :P

Laura said...

Hahaha sorry to laugh but I totally wasn't expecting that last sentence! I only have two kids and I couldn't agree more, it's amazing how things change, I can't even imagine what a third child might have to live like around here! :)

Don't worry about the pee, it's sterile. :) You're such an awesome Mommy, I so wish we lived closer so we could hang out together!!

Can't wait to see more pics. (wink, wink) :)


He & Me + 3 said...

I can totally relate and I only have three...you loosen up with each child you have. LOL Too funny. We have had many of poops floating in our tub. Glad we are done with that phase though. LOL

Grammy said...

Way too funny, Bethany! Not just how you handled the pee in the wate, but then having to deal with the GRAND FINALE!

Amanda said...

Oh girl!!! You are the best. Not EVEN a bad mommy moment!

Can I just say, I am ready for more pictures please??? Thank yoU!

Be blessed-