Sunday, February 14, 2010


You are six.

I cannot believe that your birthday week flew by so fast and I'm just now writing my birthday letter to you. We had so much fun this week and you wore me out! This was your first "big girl" party with more than your cousin sleeping over. We grabbed another friend and headed to the nail salon where you and your friends got a fun paint job. Then we went to lunch and played in the Chick-fil-a play area. I loved watching as you are blooming into an incredible girl, on your way to becoming a wonderful woman of God.

You grew too fast this year. Physically, yes! You are the second tallest girl in your Sunday school class. Coming from a shorty like your mom that quite something. It just one of the many ways you are like your Grandma. But more than how quickly you grew outside this year, you grew in your soul. There were so many changes in your little life. You started school, you are becoming a big sister again, you have a little sister who can get into your things and a big brother who loves you and loves to pester you. You are big enough to help take care of the pets, take your own bath and brush your teeth. You are learning to cook and clean. You love to help match all the socks and fold the washrags on laundry days.

You have also developed a wonderful sense of humor. You are learning to let people laugh at your jokes and starting to laugh at your own mistakes. Watching you is like watching a beautiful flower unfold. You love warmth and security yet you are beginning to be willing to bloom in inhospitable circumstances.

Of course all the changes this year were not fun. Watching you learn to grieve has been heart wrenching. The fear and uncertainty of this past year etched your life. I know it is part of the work God in you. We have both had to learn to trust Him in new and deeper ways. Though there were some pretty awful days, there were many days you grieved with so much hope it astounded me.

This year is another year with obvious changes on the way. I pray you continue to grow with grace, your heart be filled with peace and joy, and that His hand guides you through the challenges to come.

I look forward to watching you grow and change. There are somethings that I hope will stay the same though! I pray your heart will stay close to God's. I hope your love of family and dear friends stays the same. I hope you never lose your sense of fun, your quick laugh, your sense of purpose or your love of art and fashion.

I love you, my first baby girl. Happy Brithday.


He & Me + 3 said...

She is just precious. What a sweet sweet letter to your birthday girl. How fun a trip to the salon. I wish I could have come along:)
Happy Birthday Becca!

Chrissy said...

So sweet! :o)

Marley's Mama said...

We love you, BecBec! See you soon!
~ Uncle Jim, Aunt Megan, and Marley

Grammy said...

Your Grammy loves you, too, Becca. I am so proud of you and how you are growing into such a mature young lady. I love your smile. It's not often I see you without one! P.S. Your nails sure did look nice!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you are raising an amazing young lady. ANd pretty darn cute too! :)


Brandi said...

What a sweet post to your sweet girl! I hope she had a wonderful birthday. :)

TexasHeather said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl.

Love the posts on the other 2 children as well -- what a neat idea!