Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Yep. That's her name. Nope we had never heard of it before. We were sitting in bed talking about names. I love as in LOVE the name Aubrey. But, I have this thing about meanings. So, we look it up.

Aubrey: rules with elf wisdom

Umm, I have enough little ones trying to usurp the rules of this house without one of them having elf wisdom on her side.

Rather disappointed I said tried to find the positive. "We couldn't have used Leigh with it anyway." You see, I am blessed to have my dad's middle name (not that I thought so growing up!), and wanted to pass that along.

Doug thinks for a minute. "We could just call her Bree Leigh."
Me: "Breeley? I kinda like it."
Doug: "How would we spell it?"
Me: "B-r-e-e-l-e-y."

So we pondered, and asked a very select group of people their opinions, and decided...

We like it!

Now for the FAQ segment of this post.

How are you going to spell it?
Since you all are reading this, there is no need to spell it like I have to for everyone who I tell in person.

What is her middle name going to be?

What does it mean?
No clue. If you find it will you let me know? Since I have this thing about knowing what names mean, I've kind of made one up. Bree: Hill. Leigh: Meadow. Faith: Confidence. So basically we are saying it means hill or place of confidence. Unless someone can tell me what it really means.

I had a regular prenatal appointment this morning. Never take a reading child to one of those. A sign was hanging on the door "Do heavy periods interfere with your life?"
Ty already knows more anatomy words than I'm comfortable with. Not that it makes me uncomfortable, just the potential for phone calls from other parents. "Your son just told my son that..." Oh, how I pray that day never comes. Thank goodness I had brought along his reading work to do and redirected his eyes to a more appropriate place before any more long conversations had to take place.

I'm thinking a sitter might be worth the financial imposition.


Brandi said...

I absolutely LOVE Breeley! Awww, it's a beautiful, beautiful name!

Lil' Bub's name is Aubry (we picked it because it's synonymous with older brother Avery's name). Yep, my little elf boys.

cristidehoff said...

I really like that name! And I say just stick with your meaning. I hated looking up names and finding 12 different meanings.

And please feel free to use me as a sitter - bring me the occasional coffee or coke and I'm happy!

Andy and Cari said...

I love it too! Great choice!

Jaymee said...

Congrats! I was blog hopping and found your cute little blog. I am a kinder teacher and mother to 4 (3 girls and a boy). I am totally obsessed with names, spellings and meanings. I LOVE the name Breeley. My girls all have the name "Lee" in their name, after my grandfather. It is so unique, soft yet strong. Many wonderful blessings to you and your family!!!

Laura said...

Yay you decided to use Breeley. Breeley Faith...I LOVE it! Awww, I just can't wait for her to come out now. :)

Ty reading the signs at the doctor office made me laugh out loud, he definitely will get used to all that 'girl stuff' with having 3 sisters! :)

Marley's Mama said...

Hmm...yup, I love it too! :-)

Mom said...

Lee, Leigh, and Ley. Sounds good to me! Love you!